Premium Flower

We have a wide variety of flower, top shelf to most affordable. If you're looking for low cost, we got you. If you are in need of premium top shelf flower, we have you covered there as well.

Top Shelf Edibles

We have a wide variety of edibles, from candy bars to drinks, chews and more. We are here to make suggestions but are also open to recommendations on new product lines.


We have wax, shatter, tinctures, budder, and more. If you're looking for that instant satisfaction, extracts are the way to go.


We strive to get the best PPMG for our patients.

RMM works with a variety of vendors to ensure that our patients get the best quality for the right price.


Check out our current products we have at the dispensary. Items change often so be sure check back regularly for our most current list of flower, edibles, and extracts.